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Does my project need a contractor?

It makes good business sense to hire a contractor if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The project is short term. There is simply not enough follow-up work to keep a new, full-time employee busy. In the end, layoffs are likely.

  • There is a hiring freeze. New employees can not be added under any circumstances and the project leader is forced to work with a allocated budget.

  • The project is late. The company is losing its reputation and more revenue that it costs to hire a contractor.

  • Qualified employees are not available. The project calls for an engineer with a special background and that background is not available with the current staff.

  • The nature of the work is beyond the scope of the project team or company. Adding a new department or specially trained personnel is not justified.

Is Whiteford Technologies personnel agency?

No. Whereas personnel agencies are more concerned about making matches and filling seats, Whiteford Technologies is tasked with one simple objective: to bring your project to completion. There is no middle man and no agency fees to pay.

Do I need to provide tools or equipment?

Generally no. Whiteford Technologies has its own engineering lab and essential tools like power supplies, oscilloscopes, meters, etc. However, sometimes it is necessary to purchase a special tool, build one, or use one that the clent may already have.

What is the hourly rate?

The hourly rate is negotiable and depends largely upon the complexity of the project and the company's prior work experience. In general, the rate is comparable to the bottom line cost of employing a full-time engineer when taking into account such factors as salary, commission, profit sharing, stock options, vacation, sick time, holidays, training, education reimbursement, unemployment insurance, workman's compensation insurance, social security, IRA, pension, health & life insurance, etc.