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Teleflex, Marine Division, Limerick, PA

Troubleshot intermittent bug on electronic throttle and transmission. Wrote new software in C to add trolling gear. Worked with Infineon C166 microcontroller.

Throttle and Transmission Controller

Mars Electronics International (MEI), West Chester, PA & Geneva, Switzerland

Designed next generation bill acceptor for gaming industry. Wrote embedded protocol stack and PC-based protocol analyzer for slot machine network, and DSP algorithm to interpret bar code coupons. Wrote embedded software in C and assembly for TI TMS320C5402 DSP. Wrote PC-based software in Visual C++ for Windows. Used MATLAB as DSP development tool.

Designed bill recycler for retail industry. Researched TCP/IP networking, PCMCIA bus, data encryption, digital security, and UML/USDP software standards to create system architecture and support infrastructure.

Designed next generation coin acceptor for payphone and vending industries. Combined Atmel ATmega103 RISC microcontroller with electromagnetic sensors, piezo transducer, solenoid and infrared components to detect, evaluate and route multinational coinage "on the roll". Devised countermeasures to guard against slugs and other methods of fraud. Wrote software in C and assembly.

Added self-diagnostics to established coin changer. Enhanced 8051-based assembly language program to detect and report abnormal conditions in hardware.

Bill AcceptorCoin Changer

Innovative Solutions & Support, Malvern, PA

Developed new line of avionics instruments for startup company. Combined 68HC11 microcontrollers with LCD displays to produce advanced retrofit instruments for established aircraft. Designed analog, digital, and power supply circuitry to gauge sensors with high accuracy and reliability. Incorporated DSP techniques in one instrument to achieve voice synthesis. Wrote software in C and assembly.

Devised tools for assist production in CPU programming, digital calibration, and automatic test. Designed miscellaneous test rigs and software to run under PC control. UsedVisual C++ for Windows and LabVIEW programming.

Fuel GaugeAltitude Alerter

Litton, Special Devices, Springfield, PA

Designed electronics for new line of avionics instruments. Combined 8051-derived microcontrollers, analog interface circuitry, and LCD technology to achieve complete set of engine parameter indicators, including temperature, speed, pressure, torque, and fuel flow. Configured analog circuitry around various sensors including thermocouple, magnetic pickup, variable reluctance, resistive bulb, current loop, strain gauge, and synchro. Incorporated AC/DC and switch-mode topologies in power supply circuitry. Designed custom EMI filters to meet FCC requirements.

Designed actuator system for military target drone. Used positional servo control circuitry to drive DC motors. Performed analysis on speed, torque, accuracy, stiffness and bandwidth. Developed computer models to predict system behavior.

Oil GaugeRotary Actuator

Ametek, Electronic Systems, Harleysville, PA

Designed industry-standard oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer. Achieved high accuracy with 16-bit A/D and D/A converters, low noise signal conditioning, and digital calibration techniques. Applied DC control to sensor furnace to stabilize readings. Worked with zirconium-oxide sensors, vacuum fluorescent displays, anti-log circuits, and 80186 microprocessor.

Designed industry-standard temperature calibrator. Incorporated dual-slope integrating A/D, low noise signal conditioning, and digital calibration techniques to measure and simulate thermocouples and RTDs with NIST traceability. Wrote software in C for 8085. Worked with LCD displays and temperature sensors.

Oxygen AnalyzerTemperature Calibrator

General Electric, Power Systems Management, Malvern, PA

Designed specialized data acquisition system for HVDC equipment. Incorporated fiber optics in high voltage areas and network communications. Wrote software in 8086 assembly. Worked with SDLC protocol and RS-232 interfaces.

Power Transmission Line

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